E-Home Service at Its Best – Components of an E-Home

The following are the components of an E-Home:


There’s no higher priority than the safety of your home and family. Technology works with your existing systems to give you one-touch control of your entire home environment – inside and out.

We ensure “Peace of Mind” for you. One is at peace knowing that your family is protected with a security system. Security systems include Control panels’ keypads, sensors, sirens, locks, lights, monitoring, access control and more. Security systems Control your locks by remote control, even from your cell phone. Security systems Sirens scare away intruders, and notify neighbors and authorities of burglary or fire. With Security systems you can protect your family and home using advanced smoke detectors Light sensors, Perimeter sensors alert you when a person crosses your property line, Motion sensors make you alert when people arrive. Outdoor sensors turn on flood lights, Door and window sensors into your security system, and use them as automation sensors when you are at home


Every picture tells a story, but if you can’t see it, you won’t hear it. We brings your digital media to life by helping you store, manage and display photos and movies and see them on screen whenever you like. Because- they’re not just your pictures, they’re your memories. Your life moves to the music. That means you need to hear it wherever, whenever. We can easily manage your multiple home audio systems and play the music you love anywhere or everywhere. Because it’s not just music- It’s the soundtrack to your life. Entertainment includes one remote control for every entertainment need besides Live TV on LCD/ Plasma Screen/ Time Shift TV. You also get Access to TV, Video, and Audio content from any Room plus Record/Pause/ Live TV programs. Total entertainment will provide Electronic Programming Guide.


A true ‘smart’ home should be intuitive and simple to use, meaning everyone in the family can operate and enjoy the experience. The result is a ‘smart’ system that enhances and simplifies your life and never complicates it. Making a home that’s comfortable, safe, inspiring and fun is on all our short lists of life goals. Integration and control of lighting, security, home theatre equipment, motorised blinds and curtains, irrigation systems, climate control and more